Laksmi Shari Represents Indonesia at the Miss Universe 2022 Event, Bali Momentum Rises Towards a New Post-pandemic Era

The victory that the Bali representative winning the Miss Indonesia title, which gave her possibilities to participate in Miss Universe. Miss Universe event, could be used to create momentum to encourage Bali to build the next Era of Bali following the pandemic.

This was stated by the Vice Governor of Bali Professor. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, who was receiving audiences for Miss Indonesia 2022, Laksmi Shari De Neefe, Suardana and the team on Tuesday, the 14th of June 2022.

"Now is the right time to show that Bali can be successful at National or International levels. This could be Bali's opportunity to build momentum toward the New Era of Bali (after the outbreak of Covid-19)," said the deputy governor of Bali.

At that time, Cok Ace also expressed his gratitude for Laksmi's feats and accomplishments, which not only brought the title for Indonesia as well as the title of Bali to the most prestigious beauty contests in the world.

Although she has been awarded the titles of Miss Indonesia for Tourism and Miss Indonesia for the Environment It is the first occasion for an Indonesian representative Bali to to be awarded the most prestigious title, which is Miss Indonesia. Miss Indonesia.

In assuming the title of Miss Indonesia, Laksmi De Neefe Suardana she is the Miss Indonesia Representative for Bali will represent Indonesia at Indonesia's Miss Universe 2022 election.

The nation's costume event Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 took place this evening, celebrating the Vietnamese identity, from life to the culture, and even the people. Students from various schools from Ho Chi Minh City have designed 41 amazing designs that are infected with Vietnamese culture and identity.

The costumes of the national flag subtlely display the modern and confident beauty of the "Vinawoman" and break the norms of beauty to display the distinct and fascinating tradition of Vietnamese people. This includes the instrument of music. The amateurs are the most colorful, as well as hues of Hoi An Hoi An, the youths who volunteer and the dragon phoenix's casket The Phong Nha cave, the Vietnamese bamboo and the ms. Vo Thi Sau the Ngu Ong... The show has gave a story that was unique and caused the audience to be incredibly excited. Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 unveils the top 10 beauty models[Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 reveals the top 10 talented beauties]

Following the launch of this contest "Selection of national costume design" The coordinators for Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 selected the top three best costumes for Vietnam's national costume: Ca Mau mat, bamboo, and rice paper shrimp. Crafts.

This is the first award "Ca Mau mat" by Nguyen Qoc Viet (Ton Duc Thang university) is set to be followed by the latest Miss Universe Vietnam to the Miss Universe 2022 contest. The dress is inspired by that of the Ca ma mat town, the village. The beautiful southernmost region of the country is home to an ancient tradition of patriotic pride and is awash with energy.

The three costumes reflect the ideals of a distinctive national costume that is rich in aesthetics, use and transmitting Vietnamese culture to rest of the world "Ca Mau mat" both were awe-inspiring with their stunning stage effects, highlighting their beauty performers body, and expressing the values of culture and national identity of Vietnam and is now the official national dress code of the country's representative. Vietnam at Miss Universe 2022.

In the position of incumbent Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu from India, Miss Universe President Paula Shugart and Miss Universe CEO Amy Emmerich will attend the last evening of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022.

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu is well-known to the Vietnamese beauty aficionados. In the last night of Miss Universe 2021 held in Israel she defeated the 70 "heavy competitors" to crown the crown with stunning performances and convincing behaviour.

The beauty, who was 22 years old, began participating in large and smaller beauty contests at an early age. She has received numerous awards, including being named Miss Chandigarh in 2017, Miss Max Emerging Star India in 2018, and Miss Max Emerging Star India in 2018. Top 12 Femina Miss India 2019.

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu has an attractive face that resembles an angel, a captivating body, a beautiful catwalk and an impressive and confident voice. Her Indian actress also shocked us with her academic excellence when she was pursuing an advanced degree with a focus on Construction Management from the Government College for Women in India. Additionally, Miss Universe 2021 is one who constantly inspires the public on issues such as climate, environment and education.

The people who will accompany Miss Universe 2011 to Vietnam this time are two strong women from the Miss Universe organization, Miss Universe President Paula Shugart and Miss Universe CEO Amy Emmerich.

The actress. Paula Shugart has more than 20 years working experience in the television industry. When she was in the year 1981, she earned master's degrees in media and television production. Her enchantment with her connection to the Miss Universe organization dates back to 1998, when she was appointed Vice President in charge of production. She was made President in the name of Donald Trump, who owned the Miss Universe organization at the time.

In January of 2018 the actress. Paula Shugart went to Vietnam to witness the last evening of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 and watched the stunning triumph of the top five Miss Universe 2018 H'Hen Nie.

In the month of June in 2022 Miss Universe organization announced the selection by the actress Ms. Amy Emmerich as Executive Director. She was an 2007. Emmy Award winner. She was previously chief content officer for Refinery29 which is a top digital lifestyle media firm for women.

It is widely known that the three judges from Miss Universe are Miss Universe organization are extremely eager to follow the progress through the journey of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 for several months and be grateful that all judges for the contest are female.

In particular, the theme "VINAWOMAN-Vietnamese bravery" of the contest promotes the beauty and bravery of women, just like the new slogan of Miss Universe - "Beautifully Confident."

The final judge for Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest will be the judge. Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest will take place in participation of Miss Universe President Paula Shugart, Miss Universe CEO Amy Emmerich as well as the Miss Universe 2021, the reigning Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu and the board of directors. Miss Universe Vietnam 2022: Ms. Vo Thi Xuan Trang Director of John Robert Powers School; doctor, anthropometrics doctor Diep Linh. Natalia Glebova Miss Universe 2005; Miss Catriona Gray - Miss Universe 2005; Miss Catriona Gray Miss Catriona Gray Miss Universe 2018;